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TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Presents Session X – Tsukudu

TRNSD Sound x Hype Magazine have finally reached the big 10! For “Session  X” we are happy to feature Joburg based producer, Tsukudu Moreng for this special milestone.

This month Tsukudu will be releasing a EP on the 25th of May, in the meantime you can bounce to this exclusive mix that he made for TRNSD Sound x Hype Magazine ‘Session X’ and check the interview below.

How long have you been in the game, and how has your sound changed over the years?

I wouldn’t consider myself fully in the game just yet, but I have been making music for about 8 or so years now. My sound from when I first started has changed quite drastically, and I suppose it is because I keep growing and developing as an artist. Even till this day I still feel as though my sound changes in a way.

When I started, I was trying to make Hip-Hop beats but because I listened to a lot of alternative and electronic stuff as well, my sound inevitably developed into a blend of everything I was listening to or inspired by. In my 3rd year or so, I went into doing acapella music and which lead to me putting out an EP called Armonias which was the first piece of work I was confident enough to put out. From then on I worked on various projects and each of them had their own unique sound and style that sort of represented where I was as an artist at the time the project was being made. Now I believe my sound is more refined but I still can’t really put a name to it, I just know that it sounds good to me haha.

Can you give us the lowdown on your upcoming project MELODIESONIC 

MELODIESONIC is a musical EP which is essentially my latest effort as an artist. I’d like to consider it my formal “introduction to the music game,” considering the time and effort put into it. The cover art is very specific in that it was crafted to deliver a message about where I am right now as an artist and as a person who wants to follow his passion and love for music (I will leave the precise interpretation of the artwork to your imagination haha).


The EP is inspired a lot by the music that I listen to, coupled with what I believe to be a musical expression of where I am as an artist today. As a person trying to get into the music scene while also working a 9-5 and completing a Masters degree, the EP is a musical expression of the trials and tribulations that I have gone through during this time. It’s basically a story of someone that is extremely and deeply passionate about his art (music) but life circumstances keep that person away from living their dream, which is a reality for most in South Africa.

 It also represents acceptance of the fact that I have a lot to learn as a musician, something that I was in denial about from the beginning. Finally, the title is an ode to electronic music, which deals a lot with the meddling of sonics and sonic sounds but doing so in a melodic way, in a way that touches the soul. 

MELODIESONIC will be available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music on the 25th of May 2018. 

Talk to us about the current state of electronic music in South Africa

Haha great question. I think generally speaking it’s in a good place, but it could do better. In SA the focus is still very much on EDM, which is good, but the scene around the world is moving fast towards Electronic Soul and Electro Jazz and so on. It would be nice to see us South Africans get on the ball with these new waves of electronic music. There are SO MANY gems and amazing artists that are being slept on and that is just because as South Africans we are still used to traditional EDM and other traditional genres of music. 

Who do you consider your contemporaries, who have you collaborated with, and who are the artists you would most like to work with?

Wow there are so many, Internationally I would say Evil Needle, Kaytranada, Monte Booker, Tom Misch, Galimatias, Jordan Rakei and The Like. They inspire me so much. In SA, I have collaborated with the producer Sage Hitomi (he’s unbelievable you have to check him out). I have also collabs with tons of upcoming artists, Vuyo Renene, Melo B Jones, Nu Edison, 2leestark, SimmySimmyNya. I’m still working on other music with those artists as well which I am really excited about, those guys really push me to become a better producer and all round artist. I would most like to work with artists like KaeB (amazing producer, check him out), DjSkinniez, Daev Martian, Muzi and Espacio Dios. We don’t really need to put stuff out, I’d just love to sit in studio with them and talk about music and their respective journeys. That’s like the best form of inspiration I feel. 

Favourite piece of tech…

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synth, i just cry at the power in that synthesizer. 

Favourite hangout spot…

Wherever my friends are lol? 

Music to play at the afterparty when it’s 6am and the sun is beginning to rise…

Definitely some Bonobo or Taylor McFerrin or Robert Glasper, I think I’m just mellow like that. 

Where you can find Tsukudu 




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TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Session 008 – DJ Skinniez

For our 8th installment of TRNSD Sound and Hype Magazine Sessions, we feature Cape Town based DJ and Producer, DJ Skinniez. Listen his is exclusive guest mix below:

DJ Skinniez is truly talented and has possessed an authentic, soulful & unique sound. He has defiantly been causing a stir in the DJ scene in Cape Town & Johannesburg. One can sense the influence of Hip-Hop, Jazz and blues in his mixes. You will find yourself bumping your head away to his tracks such as “Untitled (U)” and “Untitled 10”. Skinniez soothing sound truly sounds like no other as he makes sure to add a unique twist to his production, I frankly wish some of his tracks were longer, as he is such a great teaser with his tunes, he’s also produced a killah track alongside Vituxarcade. South Africa’s local music scene is causing a stir within the borders and across the globe, it truly wouldn’t be a surprise if Soulection did a tour in South Africa again, including the likes of Hanna faith, Sango, Joe Kay and DJ Skinniez as part of the line up to represent the mother city. DJ Skinniez is truly a talented DJ and producer who stays true to his sound hence why I am excited to see how he’ll evolve with his sound as his unpredictability will most definitely keep you on your toes. Experience his greatness by following him and listening to his sounds on


Instagram: @DJskinniez

Twitter: @DJ_Skinniez

What inspired the name Skinniez Pantz?

How my DJ allies came about was the fact that during the Dance/Jerk craze of 2009, so during that time I would regular wear bright coloured Skinny jeans and dance around with my friends in High School, so one of my best friends at the time, “Danny” just kept calling me “Skinniez” & till this day it stuck.

How did your DJing journey begin?

My DJ career started when I was in high school in the Eastern Cape, specially East London. I would attend house parties and then be asked to “play a set” and then it got to a point where a group of friends would just host parties and I’d always be invited to DJ. I could say I really took it seriously once we moved over to Johannesburg just before 2010, mind you I was still in school and also during that time under 18 were all the Rage events. So I auditioned to become a U-PARTY DJ and I actually got in… and that’s how I “started” and I’ve been playing ever since.

What have been some of your most memorable gigs and why?

First I’d like to say Oppikoppi 2015 because I was so unprepared (laugh out loud) also it was my first ever festival, so basically why I say this is because during my set, I cut the audio off my equipment and also maybe damaged a speaker or two and then the sound completely cut off during the show. Now while all of this was happening I had cut my foot open earlier and it kept bleeding out during the time I was playing, so after my set I was rushed off to the medics…DUDE!! I felt like a rock star. Second, I’d have to say opening the Design Indaba last year was something special for me because I got a chance to show my family what I actually do with my art/sound and perform, also I allow them to be there and be well taken care of which was something I won’t forget. My grandmother and I will share that moment forever.

If you could change one thing in the South African music/DJ scene, what would it be and why?

To be honest, here the only thing I would help with and change is the way people see themselves as only a “DJ” or “Producer,” so I’m trying to bridge the gap. Why? I say this because when I first started out, I only saw DJing and nothing else and the I discovered I was really good at sound design as well and it changed my game forever.

What’s in the mix you made for TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Sessions?

LOL, just peep the tracklist… all I’m going to say about the mix is that to make sure you smoke up or are smoked up. If not, turn that television off and step away from your cellphone and just listen.

The homie is currently working on a new project that will release later on in the year, stay tuned.

Get to know Skinniez:

– Music to get high to… I just open my Soundcloud feed, and I click play. Right now, everyone I follow has the heat basically, or Youtube for some Crate Diggin’ when I can’t actually get myself to go to a record shop.

– Favourite piece of tech… My Macbook with Ableton, DUH!

– Music to play at the afterparty when it’s 6am and the sun is beginning to rise… Daft Punk – Something About Us or Walking on a Dream – Empire of the Sun


– A Musician/DJ you’d want to collaborate with… Locally, Felix Laband and Internationally, A collab’ beat/tape album with Earl Sweatshirt.

Written By: Antelmina’Sola’Piedade


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TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Presents Session 007 – Nouveaux

For our 7th installment of HYPE Magazine x TRNSD Sound Sessions we feature Joburg based DJ duo Nouveaux. Thubelihle Nkutha and Neo Motiso joined forces to bring a unique sound to the industry. Their music selection and style of mixing has definitely gotten the attention of many which you can tell by the number of listens on their Souncloud page. We asked them to do an exclusive guest mix for us as well as give us a brief lowdown on who Nouveaux is.

Listen to the Nouveaux guestmix here:

[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1 autoplay=1]

What reason(s) got you guys to decide that you want to both DJ, as a duo?

Well Neo was the one who knew how to DJ because he studied at the Academy of Sound Engineering. I needed someone to make mixes for an event called Woke Arts, he was the only one who could and I used to select the song. Then it moved to us both selecting songs together, from there people wanted us to play live and that is how we became a duo, it was never planned and that is probably the beauty of this whole experience. (Thube)

Well basically the formation of Nouveaux was the result of Thube asking me to mix a list of songs he curated for an event called Woke Arts. People responded well to the mix and demand built for another one and then another one. We eventually saw that we could take this unique style of music we play and run with it. Now we both do the curating and mixing. (Neo)

Describe Nouveaux in one sentence?

New sounds, vibes that never stop and music that the people always want to hear. (Thube)

Nouveaux is French for new and that the type of sound we are trying to bring to people (Neo)

From listening to your sets, you seem to be inspired a lot by electronic, bounce, disco etc… “Soundcloud music” as most would call it. Do you think there’s a viable market for this sound in South Africa?

Yes, because music in South Africa is something that is not confined to one genre. There are different types of people who like different types of music, which includes the Soundcloud diggers and lovers. Which is where we found most of our success to stem from, so there is a market that needs to be tapped into. (Thube)

I would definitely agree. With the rise of streaming sites, more and more people are tailoring their own playlists instead of relying solely on the “mainstream”. People want to hear something different, you can see it with the success the Soulection shows have had here as well as the continued demand for acts like Kaytranada to come to South Africa. (Neo)

Do you guys plan on producing any of your own music in the near future?

Yes, we joke around about it but it is very much a plan. Issues we have is the distance we have and when we are together, the time together is too short to make a new mix and fresh sounds. It will happen, there is no rush. (Thube)

Original content is definitely in the pipeline for the future. I think more than anything, it’s just about taking our time and perfecting our craft so that when we do drop, it can be something meaningful instead of just dropping music because its “the next stage” of our career. (Neo)

A little get to knows:

– Music to get high to… Childish Gambino and Soulection Radio. Probably with Soulection it comes with the diverse artists they have, in those probably Sango and Abjo are the artists who are great to get high too. If I am being corny, Kid Cudi never fails. (Thube)

Definitely some Tame Impala, Toro y Moi, stuff along those lines. Nothing’s better when you’re high trust me (Neo)

– Favourite piece of tech… IPhone, because Steve Jobs motherfucker. (Thube)

More than anything, the Soundcloud application, the gems there are infinite and it’s an important part of our digging regiment. But if you’re talking hardware, then definitely the Pioneer DDJ-SR controller. It’s not the most advanced controller but it has everything you need and just the feel of it and how it works is a dream. Definitely one to save up for. (Neo)

– Music to play at the afterparty when it’s 6am and the sun is beginning to rise… Nothing, because we should be sleeping at that time. Neo can answer because he never sleeps (Thube)

I can’t tell you much about a 6am after party, I usually don’t rage that hard, but if you’re in the Uber on your way home after a cinematic night, you’ve got to let off some Fela Kuti or Miriam Makeba. Anything jazzy really but those two are some faves. (Neo)

– Favourite hangout spot… Home, home is a place of peace and serenity. (Thube)

Great Dane is legendary, a lot of good memories made there. (Neo)

– A Musician/DJ you’d want to collaborate with… Das Kapital from South Africa and Sango from America. (Thube)

I’d love to work with a Joe Kay or a Gilles Peterson. Those are big inspirations in terms of what we do. (Neo)

Where you can find Nouveaux
– Twitter: NouveauxSA
– Soundcloud: NouveAux / UNDRSCR
– Bookings:

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TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Presents Session 006 – FKA Mash

TRNSD x HYPE_mash.jpg

For our 6th installment of TRNSD Sound and Hype Magazine Sessions, we feature up and coming DJ and Producer Mash Lekgothoane who goes by FKA MASH. We asked him to do a exclusive guestmix for us as well as give us a brief lowdown on what inspired his latest offering, “PRJKT 2”

Listen to FKA Mash exclusive guestmix here:
[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1 autoplay=1]

“PRJKT 2 is the second installment from the PRJKT SERIES by Fka MASH, which is a platform I set up for myself to showcase my sound using various styles of electronic dance music. It was released on Stay True Sounds. PRJKT-1 can be found on my Soundcloud page. PRJKT 3 & 4 are coming soon.”


“The inspiration behind PRJKT 2 was mainly my love for good melody coupled with a memorable groove. ‘Another Glitch Dub’ was the first song, the rest of the songs were modeled around the sonic structure of Another Glitch Dub. The titles of the songs are self explanatory in terms my head space I was making them. My songs are generally heavily influenced by my mood. My music is my outlet.”

Where to find FKA MASH: