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TRNSD Sound & HYPE Magazine Presents Session 012 – Muzi

We have got so much talent in our beautiful land, I’m so truly honoured to be writing about our very own South African gem who was recently flying our flag high in Europe during his tour. Our artist for the TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Session 012 is KwaZulu-Natal-born DJ, producer and songwriter, Muzi Mazibuko.

It’s been a minute since I have heard an album from the very first track to the last one and enjoyed every single track on it. His proudly African album has dope tracks such as, “NuDay Ft. Okmalumkoolkat,” & “Sebenza,” which  are jams that will have you doing the most.

The instrumentation that he has incorporated in a couple of his tracks will make you understand why he titled his album Afrovision. Our artist of the month has a natural gift to create phenomenal music by incorporating th traditional African drums & vernacular, although you may not understand what is being said it is still feel good music that appeals to everyone.


What gave birth to your second album Afrovision and why that name?

After staying in Berlin for two years, I came back home and was so inspired by the energy and culture. I re-immersed myself in it all as I had felt disconnected from it when I was away. Soon after, the creative juices started overflowing and 16 months later, Afrovision was done. 

The name just felt right, it’s me painting a sonic picture of how I feel modern African music should sound like. Doing my part and adding to the dope vibes African artists are doing right now. 

What inspired you to get into the music world?

I grew up in a very musical family so I guess that had something to do with it. Dope ass music was always playing at home and I guess when it was time for me to find ways of expressing myself, music was just there. 

What’s the wildest moment you have ever had whilst performing/DJing?

An encore. I had that recently during my UK tour, people screaming your name and asking you to play more music even when your set time is done. Priceless. Also, seeing people sing my lyrics is a trip. 

You are currently touring Europe at the moment which country has been your favourite & what’s the vibe like? 

Swindon has been dope. That’s where WOMAD was, it’s a festival where a lot of experimental music is played so people are more open to new things. I fit right into that. 

A good day for Muzi is when… 

A milkshake is all ice cream and no milk. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I can’t really put it on one thing. I’m always creating but I have to live life and experience things for me to be inspired by new ideas, new sounds etc. 

What do you want people to walk away with after listening to your set?

There’s more dope vibes coming from our industry than what you’re force-fed on a daily. 

Music to get high to… Muzi – Bantu Space Odyssey

Favourite piece of tech… My cellphone. 

Music to play at the afterparty when it’s 6am and the sun is beginning to rise… Muzi – Nu Day

Favourite hangout spot… In Joburg, my place. In Durban, the beach. 

A Musician/DJ you’d want to collaborate with… Zoe Modiga and Sjava. Really want to work with them. Add my Electronic Maskandi vocals in the mix. Could be fire! 


Written By: Antelmina’Sola’Piedade

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TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Presents Session 011 – Sean Munnick

For our 11th segment of TRNSD Sound & HYPE Magazine sessions, we feature well known Joburg based electronic Producer and DJ, Sean Munnick. He started on FL Studio in 2003 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Sean is currently signed to the iconic Dirtybird label, based in San Francisco, USA.

We asked the homie to do an exclusive mix for us and you can find out more about the artist in our Q&A interview with him here:

We commonly know you as Sean Munnick, who is Nigurr?

Nigurr is a 2012 alias I came up with because I got tired of my beats being rejected by labels, so I thought I’d do my own thing by mixing Bass House produced by myself and laying popular acapellas over them. The UK market got onto it and that’s how I found the sound I’ve been making is what was called “G-House”

What have been some of your most memorable gigs and why?

Most memorable gig to date has to be the Boiler Room gig, mainly because I’ve always envisioned myself on there ever since I found out about it.

Do you have any projects that you’re currently working on or planning to release anytime soon?

I am currently working on a 10 track CD for House Afrika and Mzansi House Vol 8 which releases this year, not too sure on the exact date. I’m also working with a few guys from PE & Cape Town on some rap/trap music to be released in 2018.

Sean Munnick 1

What’s in the mix you made for TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Sessions? 

This mix contains all the sounds I’m currently listening to, to expand my musical knowledge and taste.

Favourite sneaker brand…

Favourite sneaker brand has to be Nike, that’s only because of the Airmax 90, the comfort, the colour ways. Timeless.

Favourite hangout spot…

My favourite hangout spot is Cafe 420 in Sandton, because it’s so chill there. I can really take some time out to think.

Favourite piece of tech…

For this I’d have to say the Pioneer XDJ, because I still do love DJing and it’s a nice on the go DJ setup

Music to play at the afterparty when it’s 6am and the sun is beginning to rise…

Haha for this I’d probably play some of my deeper house sounds just to create the perfect atmosphere as well. Like ‘Respect my Hustle or ‘Should Have Known’, those would go in at that time I feel.

Sean Munnick 2Where to find Sean Munnick

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TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Presents Session 009 – EMAMKAY

Can we just take a second to thank God for this exceptionally talented Producer & DJ who’s been on our radar for a minute, for our 9th instalment of TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Sessions we feature producer and DJ EMAMKAY.

Guys, this man will touch your heart deeply with his RnB, soulful sounds. If you don’t believe me, take a listen to his EP titled The Band – PatternsEMAMKAY has mastered his sound and perfected the art of featuring the right artists who add the final touch to his masterpieces. His album Alpha which was released last year under the UK based indie label Shimmy Records has gotten over 15 000 streams on Soundcloud and is available on Bandcamp

This is the kind of music that truly feeds your soul, the kind of music that will allow you to escape life for a minute. Nothing is better than coming across a talented artist who is versatile in different genres of music such as Hip/Hop, Ambient, Jazz & Electro, and still manages to be authentic. We need to support our South African gems at all costs as this local is definitely lekker! Believe the hype and check him out


How did your musical journey begin?

Well, my mother brought me 50 Cent’s “Get Rich Or Die Trying” album on a TDK cassette from work. I was into kwaito during that time, but that tape got me into writing raps. Then my father booked me some studio time and I recorded my first song at around 9 years old. It’s all history from then on.

That’s real dope! So why the name EMAMKAY?

It was Master Mind King, and then shortened to MMK and now the word EMAMKAY. Truth to be told I misspelt my stage name and so people mispronounce it, it’s supposed to be EMEMKAY. A little too late to change it now, don’t you think?

As it is known, “Sometimes It’s Our Greatest Mistakes That Make for the Greatest Ideas.” Name one local festival that you would like to perform at and why?

Probably the Cape Town Jazz Festival and Newport Jazz Fest. I’d like to think getting booked to play there says a lot about your level of musicianship. I’d also love to play at the Orbit in Braamfontein one day, it’s not a fest, but hey, it’s cool to me.

Briefly take us through your creative process

I reflect on the wonders of my life, smoke a joint and practice something on the keyboard. I’d normally find a cool loop somewhere in between experimenting with chord changes, and  if it feels right, I make it a song.

What’s your favourite track on your album Alpha?

I love all of them. You know what’s funny? Even I can’t replicate that album. It’s one of my favourites.

What is that one thing that you would change in the South African music scene/industry?

To be honest, I’m not interested in it. I’m not even sure I like it. I guess it’s by default that I’m in the music industry when I put a price tag on my music but I have a day job, and that’s “industry” enough for me.

How can the peeps reach you?

Anything you’d like to add/share here?

Yebo! I’m finishing this one EP called You Make You Smile. I made it to remind people that happiness is found from within. I’m Also working on a video for a song called “Coco”, a tribute to our beautiful melanin coated skin. All of this will be coming soon.

Written By: Antelmina’Sola’Piedade


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TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Session 008 – DJ Skinniez

For our 8th installment of TRNSD Sound and Hype Magazine Sessions, we feature Cape Town based DJ and Producer, DJ Skinniez. Listen his is exclusive guest mix below:

DJ Skinniez is truly talented and has possessed an authentic, soulful & unique sound. He has defiantly been causing a stir in the DJ scene in Cape Town & Johannesburg. One can sense the influence of Hip-Hop, Jazz and blues in his mixes. You will find yourself bumping your head away to his tracks such as “Untitled (U)” and “Untitled 10”. Skinniez soothing sound truly sounds like no other as he makes sure to add a unique twist to his production, I frankly wish some of his tracks were longer, as he is such a great teaser with his tunes, he’s also produced a killah track alongside Vituxarcade. South Africa’s local music scene is causing a stir within the borders and across the globe, it truly wouldn’t be a surprise if Soulection did a tour in South Africa again, including the likes of Hanna faith, Sango, Joe Kay and DJ Skinniez as part of the line up to represent the mother city. DJ Skinniez is truly a talented DJ and producer who stays true to his sound hence why I am excited to see how he’ll evolve with his sound as his unpredictability will most definitely keep you on your toes. Experience his greatness by following him and listening to his sounds on


Instagram: @DJskinniez

Twitter: @DJ_Skinniez

What inspired the name Skinniez Pantz?

How my DJ allies came about was the fact that during the Dance/Jerk craze of 2009, so during that time I would regular wear bright coloured Skinny jeans and dance around with my friends in High School, so one of my best friends at the time, “Danny” just kept calling me “Skinniez” & till this day it stuck.

How did your DJing journey begin?

My DJ career started when I was in high school in the Eastern Cape, specially East London. I would attend house parties and then be asked to “play a set” and then it got to a point where a group of friends would just host parties and I’d always be invited to DJ. I could say I really took it seriously once we moved over to Johannesburg just before 2010, mind you I was still in school and also during that time under 18 were all the Rage events. So I auditioned to become a U-PARTY DJ and I actually got in… and that’s how I “started” and I’ve been playing ever since.

What have been some of your most memorable gigs and why?

First I’d like to say Oppikoppi 2015 because I was so unprepared (laugh out loud) also it was my first ever festival, so basically why I say this is because during my set, I cut the audio off my equipment and also maybe damaged a speaker or two and then the sound completely cut off during the show. Now while all of this was happening I had cut my foot open earlier and it kept bleeding out during the time I was playing, so after my set I was rushed off to the medics…DUDE!! I felt like a rock star. Second, I’d have to say opening the Design Indaba last year was something special for me because I got a chance to show my family what I actually do with my art/sound and perform, also I allow them to be there and be well taken care of which was something I won’t forget. My grandmother and I will share that moment forever.

If you could change one thing in the South African music/DJ scene, what would it be and why?

To be honest, here the only thing I would help with and change is the way people see themselves as only a “DJ” or “Producer,” so I’m trying to bridge the gap. Why? I say this because when I first started out, I only saw DJing and nothing else and the I discovered I was really good at sound design as well and it changed my game forever.

What’s in the mix you made for TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Sessions?

LOL, just peep the tracklist… all I’m going to say about the mix is that to make sure you smoke up or are smoked up. If not, turn that television off and step away from your cellphone and just listen.

The homie is currently working on a new project that will release later on in the year, stay tuned.

Get to know Skinniez:

– Music to get high to… I just open my Soundcloud feed, and I click play. Right now, everyone I follow has the heat basically, or Youtube for some Crate Diggin’ when I can’t actually get myself to go to a record shop.

– Favourite piece of tech… My Macbook with Ableton, DUH!

– Music to play at the afterparty when it’s 6am and the sun is beginning to rise… Daft Punk – Something About Us or Walking on a Dream – Empire of the Sun


– A Musician/DJ you’d want to collaborate with… Locally, Felix Laband and Internationally, A collab’ beat/tape album with Earl Sweatshirt.

Written By: Antelmina’Sola’Piedade


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TRNSD Sound x HYPE Magazine Presents Session 006 – FKA Mash

TRNSD x HYPE_mash.jpg

For our 6th installment of TRNSD Sound and Hype Magazine Sessions, we feature up and coming DJ and Producer Mash Lekgothoane who goes by FKA MASH. We asked him to do a exclusive guestmix for us as well as give us a brief lowdown on what inspired his latest offering, “PRJKT 2”

Listen to FKA Mash exclusive guestmix here:
[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1 autoplay=1]

“PRJKT 2 is the second installment from the PRJKT SERIES by Fka MASH, which is a platform I set up for myself to showcase my sound using various styles of electronic dance music. It was released on Stay True Sounds. PRJKT-1 can be found on my Soundcloud page. PRJKT 3 & 4 are coming soon.”


“The inspiration behind PRJKT 2 was mainly my love for good melody coupled with a memorable groove. ‘Another Glitch Dub’ was the first song, the rest of the songs were modeled around the sonic structure of Another Glitch Dub. The titles of the songs are self explanatory in terms my head space I was making them. My songs are generally heavily influenced by my mood. My music is my outlet.”

Where to find FKA MASH: